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Jane Harrison Jewellery

Affirmation Earrings

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Introducing the Affirmation Earrings- a stunning declaration of elegance and style, meticulously crafted for the exclusive Valentine's drop. These stud earrings, fashioned from radiant 9ct White gold, feature delicate and nature-inspired designs, showcasing enchanting pale green sapphires at their centre.

The intricate patterns on these earrings symbolise the affirmation of love and the beauty that blossoms within deep connections. The pale green sapphires, reminiscent of fresh leaves, bring a touch of natural allure to the design, making these earrings a sophisticated and meaningful accessory. 

As part of the one of a kind Valentine's Drop the Affirmation Earrings serve as a distinctive expression of your commitment and affection. Elevate your Valentine's Day gifting with these exquisite earrings that convey not just style, but also the enduring affirmation of a love that grows and flourishes.