Jane Harrison specialises in bespoke design, working with her clients closely to create one of a kind pieces with their own story. This process also allows you to remodel sentimental pieces, whether you would like to reset the stones or even rework the metal. 

With a contemporary approach to bridal jewellery Jane will help create future heirlooms to be treasured and worn for a lifetime. 

step 1.


In the initial consultation we will take you through the bespoke process, where we can discuss your inspiration, budget and timescales for your piece. Jane can answer any questions you have and offer advice on your ideas.

step 2.


Jane will create a selection of  hand drawn designs that suit your design brief, at this stage we can also look at sourcing stones, depending on your needs. 

Jane Harrison Jewellery - working in the studio

step 3.


Once the design and price have been approved, a deposit is required. Jane will then begin handcrafting your unique piece. This part of the process can take between 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

First steps

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