• Jane Harrison Jewellery - Bud Branch

    As a maker, I am endlessly inspired by the captivating beauty of nature- it's intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and harmonious compositions. My creative journey begins with collecting and gathering fragments from nature's canvas, each piece telling it's own story. These treasures coupled with the essence of colour, patterns and compositions found in my sketchbook drawings and collages, serve as the heartbeat of my craft.

    Using metals as my canvas combined with stones and enamel, I embark on a transformative journey, crafting contemporary jewellery that mirrors the painterly narratives in my mind. Each piece is an artistic expression, an ode to natures marvels- translating it's whispers into wearable art.

    My aim is to infuse every creation with the spirit of exploration and the allure of organic beauty. Through my jewellery I invite you to embrace the serenity and vitality nature, to carry with you a piece of its timeless elegance and captivating allure.

Jane Harrison Jewellery - working in the studio
Jane Harrison Jewellery - Jane's dog at the studio
Jane Harrison Jewellery - Jane at the workbench

handmade in scotland

Each piece is handcrafted by Jane in her Glasgow studio. Every one unique, with their own intricacies and a celebration of material and craft.

Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2012 Jane has been developing her skills and refining her creative practice. Great care is taken throughout the making process to create something special.