Studio Tour

Studio Tour

Taking the leap and moving out of Glasgow was scary but so far it's been so worthwhile. The slower pace, and sea air are a welcome change!

I am now based at the Harbour in Irvine, in a great community of artists in Wasps Courtyard studios. 

Every piece of Jane Harrison Jewellery is created in this space which already feels so special to me. From wax carving to stone setting to finishing it is all done here! What a treat that I have also added to my tool collection and hopefully 2023 brings a few more!

Being able to welcome my clients into the space is wonderful and gives them an insight into me and my practice and of course how messy I can be, what can I say I like clutter. 

Although I loved my time sharing a studio with friends it feels like a real accomplishment to have a place I can say is all mine and how I want it to be! 

If you want to visit and discuss a bespoke piece or try on one of our made to order pieces please do get in touch, my diary is now open for consultations.