Bespoke Budget

Bespoke Budget

Although it can be daunting and uncomfortable to discuss, when embarking on the bespoke process it is so important to establish a budget. 

This isn't us being awkward or nosey it just really helps us to advise on the design and establish what materials and stones might work within your price range. 

We'd all like to splash out from time to time but we understand thats not always possible but knowing what you are happy to spend helps us recommend where you can compromise while staying close to your dream design. Simple changes like changing the alloy of the metal or swapping out gemstones can really make a difference to the price. 

On the other hand even if you have "don't have a budget' that can have its own problems. As you can imagine the price of gemstones can vary greatly and more elaborate designs will of course be more expensive. Meaning we could create a design for you with a bigger price tag than you were hoping and well that just disappointing for everyone. 

We are always fair with our prices but they do reflect that we are a small business that create one of a kind pieces which embrace years of training and craftsmanship. So although we can't always compete with the high street on price we are confident that our pieces and service do. 

If you would like to discuss a bespoke piece or try on our made to order collection you can book a consultation here